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how will you tell your story?

Sure, everyone wants to tell their story whenever and wherever possible, but who has the time or budget for that? Certainly not nonprofits. That's why we consider every communication material we produce to be an important investment in your organization's brand arsenal. 

annual reports

One of the first places people look to catch a glimpse of your organization is your annual report. So why treat it like a reporting tool?


We create annual reports so they are a powerful storytelling mechanism giving readers a chance to immerse themselves in the stories that make your organization  so vital to the lives and communities you are changing. What's more, we will give you ideas about how to make the most use out of your annual report long after it is completed.


Sometimes you may find that you want to say a little bit about a lot of things at-a-glance. Or perhaps you want to explain a process or concept that's difficult to express in words alone. We can create an infographic, or better yet, a storygraphic to help you deliver a powerful message in bite-sized portions. 

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Storytelling Workshops + Presentations

Enhance your leadership skills with our new storytelling workshop series designed exclusively for executives, board members and communicators in health care and nonprofits.

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