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Purpose-driven organizations and equity-seeking leaders know the power of a good story. 


So we're excited to announce the launch of a our new  workshop series for healthcare and non-profit leaders, managers, board members and communicators.


Download a list of workshop and presentation topics.

storytelling workshops for inspiring leaders


Reclaim Your Storytelling Roots


Owning and shaping your organizations narrative has  never been more vital to advancing your mission.


Lights, Camera and Call-to-Action

Every image, words and story counts when speaking to the media.  Be prepared. Don't miss a soundbite.


Find Stories To Power Your Growth

Amplify the voices and stories of clients, staff, volunteers and community members to strategically reach your goals.


Lead Like A Storyteller

Stop convincing. Start connecting. Leaders must wrap  their vision in a story that fires the imagination and inspires action.


Five Stories Every Board Member Must Be Able To Tell

Getting visibility for your organization counts for  nothing if leaders can’t make their point.


Build Narrative Power For Social Justice and Health Equity

We all have the unique power to change the narrative of an entire world, one conversation at a time.


Your choice

From community training, public speaking, team building to developing your mission and land acknowledgement statement we can help bring voices together.


These interactive sessions can be delivered in-person or virtually for one-hour, two-hours, half-day or full-day at a conference, board retreat, leadership meeting or team building event. All workshops are customized to meet your needs. 

For more information, call or email Annette Power:



We look forward to hearing from you.

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