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Committed to inclusive communications

Words and images have the power  to normalize language and shape ideas, as well as the ability to cause harm and perpetuate stereotypes.

Inclusive communications is all about challenging narratives, amplifying voices and building long-lasting  connections through authentic engagement. 

about us

At Pages For Good Health, we get it. 


Your team works unapologetically toward your organization’s mission.

You strive to change systems, improve lives and build stronger, healthier communities.

​You understand it takes more than carefully worded statements and smart social posts to get your organization to where it is today.


You get that putting matters like diversity, health equity, community advocacy, inclusion and social justice on the agenda demands bold action, unpopular stances, collective voices and clear calls for action. 


​You realize now is the time to step up, be heard, and get noticed.   

your story matters

At Pages For Good, we believe it's our responsibility to relay your brand's messaging in a way that resonates, regardless of the race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, religion, ability, or sexual orientation of your audience.

 We help you find your voice, advance dialogue, and deepen connections with community partners, delving beneath the surface to where key underlying issues and challenges linger. 

we're much

more than


our approach





We’re obsessed with strategy. If it’s not strategic, we’ll challenge you to determine whether it’s worth your time, energy and investment.

We rarely deliver a tactic or service in isolation. Instead, We work with you to determine how our expertise delivers the greatest impact for your brand, team and stakeholders.

By revealing where your organization needs support to affirm your agenda, we ensure our work builds upon your brand and vision for diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice.




Listen with intent.


 We look at the complexities of words and images that reinforce bias, power and privilege.

Learn with others. 


 We reimagine your approach to create a plan that connects your message with the right audience at the right time.

Execute your

new direction. 


We'll leverage multiple platforms to deliver authentic deliberate messaging at every touch point.

Lead with understanding.


We'll get you on a path to advocate for change  in an engaging, relevant and timely way.

don't leave

next steps

to chance


A blog post, photo or singular activity does not dismantle systems of power and privilege.

By embracing an effective and inclusive branding and communications strategy, your progress and success inevitably follows.  


We offer standalone services including annual report production, workshops, newsletters and media releases, but we’ll always encourage you to deliver each of these within a defined overarching strategy that supports your brand and achieves results.

Saying your organization ‘values diversity’ doesn’t work if you don’t walk the talk.  We assess your existing brand,  content and images, to identify issues, helping your team build guidelines and tools. We ensure your brand cultivates ethics and inclusion, demonstrating your commitment to equity in a consistent and authentic way.


A well-defined strategy is at the centre of your success. . We delve into your organization’s strengths, examine weaknesses, and expose blind spots. We uncover your core strengths, values, and leadership qualities. We identify your stakeholders, advocates and help you articulate why your voice needs to be heard. 


Your brand is composed of everything tangible and intangible that creates an impression or experience of who you are and what your organization represents. From visual identity and tone to brand experience, we help you deliver with purpose by producing powerful materials and creating moments your supporters and followers will remember.


Tell your story. We help you share your mission, vision and your call-to-action in an attractive and compelling way. We transform your key messages into active statements that resonate across the audiences and formats that are most applicable to your work.


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Your message is unique. Your stories have impact. We help you build authentic content that reflects your organization’s brand across multiple channels – websites, e-marketing, social media, blogs, video, etc. that drive authority and credibility within your community and across your sector.


Our team works in lockstep with your team to ensure your  brand is consistently reflected in design, content and social media presence, and that these aspects reflect your vision for diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice.





we are not an agency

We are a creative, committed, and strategic team of professionals, devoted to amplifying the essential voices of changemakers. 


It is our passion for communications and advocacy coupled with our commitment to health equity that first inspired us to establish Pages For Good Health, Inc. 

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annette power
co-founder + managing principal

we promise 

As an extension of your team, we...

  • help build powerful strategies that influence and affect change 

  • have the tough conversations 

  • be responsive and ready to support your vision

  • treat your budget like it's our own

  • deliver what we promise

  • share our lessons learned and include you in solutions

Our partners matter  


From strategic planning to presentations, we work closely and seamlessly with diversity, equity and inclusion professionals who recognize the value of delivering the most effective communications and visuals.

angeline mau
co-founder + managing partner


on our word

experience counts

From strategy to execution, we bring diverse experience and an intentional lens to your project. We proudly help our clients reflect and reach diverse audiences by generating media and producing digital assets, improving community engagement, and increasing brand awareness. 

As needed, we call upon some of the best expertise in web development, graphic design, video production, photography and translation to execute on your deliverables. We integrate diversity, equity and inclusion at every touch point to ensure your brand’s integrity.



are saying


“I am impressed by their ability to transform complex information into a compelling dialogue between the organization and the reader. Through experience, guidance and leadership, the theme, story development, design, and image process have been interesting and results focused. "


—  Pam

     Assistant Vice President, Marketing & Communications

we'd love

to work

with you

our expression of gratitude

We acknowledge with gratitude that Pages For Good is on the traditional territory of many nations including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples and is now home to many diverse First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples.

we can help

We’re based in Toronto and ready to help motivated clients across the Greater Toronto Area, Canada and the United States.

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